Eclyc -A comic for VR #2

P1_0This is a test panel to test the pipeline from Softimage to Oculus Rift

Softimage- Rendered using Andrew Hazleden’s  Lat long Lens shader for mental ray – Also available for Maya and 3d Studio Max as well as Arnold and Vray which is super cool.


After Effects- Using the the scripts- these are really good  you tube tutorials here


Oculus Rift -Whirligig Player- by Phil Day -


Pluto is not a planet


I was listening to a “Gutter talk” (a podcast about creating comics) with Colleen AF Venable and Adam Greenfield and they declared that Pluto should still be a planet.

So, I thought that maybe I could make an astronomy comic that would change their minds and everyone who thinks the same. At the very least entertain them. So here it is, it was a bit harder than I thought it would be, but I really enjoyed doing it. Long live Pluto!